12 Feminine Hygiene Tips You NEED to Know..

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We find out about our bodies and menstrual health from various sources. We do as such on the grounds that we are interested about how our bodies work and over years with experience, we come to comprehend individually about our bodies. One of the most inquisitive things we should know is about our vagina, which is a significant piece of our lives. Dealing with ourselves caring for our vaginal health as well.

Keeping up cleanliness down there is certainly not a bulky process truly. It’s increasingly about simply allowing your to skin inhale and do its own thing instead of presenting foreign products like perfumes and douches, which disturb the delicate pH balance.

You will find below seven tips you could follow to ensure personal hygiene.

1. Let’s Wear Cotton Underwear

Cotton is a breathable material and absorbs moisture, so if we want to keep our intimate area fresh then let’s try to always opt for cotton underwear. However, we can still choose lace or silk, as there will often be a strip of cotton fabric in the crotch for that essential breathability factor.

Nevertheless, even with this aerating strip, these materials can be uncomfortable as they don’t stretch so well, and this can limit airflow.

2. Say No To Douching

A vagina is a self-cleaning machine which doesn’t need to be douched to be rid of germs and bacteria. Both soaps and douches destabilize the pH balance and can cause bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis feels itchy and is accompanied by thin, gray-colored discharge as well as a fishy smell, according to Bustle. So, stay away from douching at all costs. While this condition is treatable it must be urgently attended to since it can cause infertility when severe.

3. Use Fresh Towels

Before cleansing your vagina, you should always use a clean towel. When you reuse towels, this can put you at risk for an infection or other problems with your vaginal health. 

If you leave a damp towel out, bacteria can cling to the surface. Just think, if you reuse that towel, you’re only spreading the bacteria to your lady parts!

Always wash and replace your towels after each use!

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