13 Shoe Tips And Tricks You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

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Shoes are something that you use the most, so it’s significant that they’re indispensable. Now and then, you can include a little solace yourself with a few flawless tricks and shoe hacks. Your feet will be appreciative for perusing these incredible shoe tips beneath.

1 – Prevent Blisters With Deodorant

Deodorant can truly do wonders, and they’re really extraordinary at preventing blisters after a long night on the dance floor. Merely get a touch of clear gel deodorant, and rub the internal heel of your shoes.

2 – Apply Some Sandpaper To Abrade The Soles

New shoes, especially those with plastic or leather soles, can have frustratingly slippery soles, however there’s a handy solution that will enable you to get better traction and should help facilitate the tripping. Rub medium-grit sandpaper over the bottoms to give slippery soles some traction

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