16 Easy Camping Food Ideas & Hacks To Your Next Journey

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I love to make food as easy as possible when camping. here are my best suggestions for storing and making camping food — the simple way — in your next wonderful family adventure.

1. Make numerous omelets at once In a ziploc bag!


Unload your eggs and any elements you need to add, like cheese, mushrooms and vegetables right into a big Ziploc bag. Mush the bag up to scramble, and drop the bag right into a pot of boiling water till cooked!

2. Use oats, seeds and dried berries to prepare your personal granola bars.

Before you depart for your journey, it’s right to have some premade snacks in case a person gets a bit hungry. attempt making your very own granola bars before you go, and have them reachable for the kids.

3. Make a banana boat dessert in place of s’mores.


These are very easy and delicious. simply cut your bananas down the middle (but now not all the way via) and spread them open. Then fill them along with your preferred elements like chocolate, marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs. Wrap in a layer of parchment paper and aluminum foil.

It’s very easy to cook those on top of a grate to keep from burning. warmness until melty.

4. Make your very own candle with an orange peel.


Cut an orange in 1/2 and scoop out or consume the fruit, leaving the middle stem connected! Pour an oil like vegetable or olive oil into the peel and light the stem. easy!

5. Make baked apples with trail mixture.


Carve out the center of an apple and fill it with trail mixture. Wrap the apple up in aluminum foil, and toss it at the fire for 5 to 10 mins.

6. Placed pancake batter in an empty Ketchup bottle for a simple breakfast.


Keep the batter within the cooler or refrigerator till you’re ready to apply it.

7. Store cracked eggs in an empty creamer bottle instead of packing sragile eggs in shells.


As with the pancake batter, you’ll want to keep this refrigerated.

8. Use a shower cap to preserve food cold at the same time as you’re eating.


Add ice to a bath cap then place a bowl full of cold food like pasta salad in the cap, let the elastic to stretch over the sides to create an ice-box effect. Your food must stay cool for hours!

9. Cook cinnamon rolls over the campfire.


Skewer premade cinnamon rolls and cook them over your campfire. It’ll take approximately 15 mins for them to completely cook through, after which just drizzle on that icing.

10. Store spices in empty Tic-Tac boxes


When you’re ready to make them, warm the meat over the fire, and scoop some into a Frito bag along with your toppings. Shake up the bag and you’re ready to go!

11. Use dental floss and coffee filters for tea and coffee bags.


Place a scoop of loose leaf tea or coffee into the middle of the coffee filter, and tie it with dental floss.

When you’re equipped, simply use hot water to brew!

12. Freeze gallon jugs of water in place of ice and put them on your cooler.


13. Keep salt and pepper in a contact lens case.


14. Make s’mores campfire cones.


Fill sugar cones with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips (or anything else you want), wrapped in aluminum foil, and grill over the campfire for approximately 7-10 mins (however maintain the cones far from open flames). Unwrap and eat!

15. Use shower caps to keep the bugs off your food.


16. Make foil p.c. food — the options are countless.

There are such a lot of unique food you could make wrapped in aluminum foil over a fireplace. barbeque chicken, fish or ribs are only a few alternatives.

I love making barbecue chicken with this recipe, due to the fact all I want are some chicken breasts, pineapple, bell pepper, sweet onion and barbeque sauce. It’s super easy: simply throw it all together and cook at the grill or over the fire.

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