7 Awesome Beauty Advantages Of Sea Salt

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If you’re one of these ladies who likes to whip up beauty treatments from her kitchen counter, today is your lucky day as we introduce you the very effective beauty tools you already have at your home. here are 7 awesome beauty advantages of sea salt and methods you could use it to your hair, skin, and teeth.

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Brighten your nails

One of the lesser known advantages of sea salt is its capability to strengthen nails and enhance their health. mixed with lemon to lessen yellowing and baking soda to eliminate stains, sea salt is a wonderful remedy to experience straight healthy-looking nails. Soak your nails within the solution of the above-stated elements for 10 minutes, wash your hands, apply moisturizer, and voila!

Make an herbal teeth-whitener

much like with nails, a mixture of sea salt and baking soda will do wonders to get rid of stains and brighten the color of your teeth. mix teaspoons of baking powder with one teaspoon of sea salt, placed a few on your toothbrush, and brush your teeth usually. you could additionally create a natural mouthwash through dissolving the same elements in warm water. This mouthwash will eliminate the microorganism causing horrific breath.

Make a wonder mask


The benefits of honey are nearly legendary, however what you likely don’t realize is that sea salt is similarly super! mix 4 teaspoons of natural honey with two teaspoons of finely ground sea salt to create a mask in order to soothe your skin, reduce irritation, and stability its oiliness. best to use to clean, dry skin and rub the mask in while you do it.

apply it as a body scrub

Salt is outstanding when it comes to exfoliating dead skin cells. It additionally restores skin’s hydration and offers it with a group of minerals in order to make your skin smooth and clean. For this awesome body scrub you’ll need 1/2 a cup of olive oil and a quarter of a cup of sea salt. Rub the mixture into your skin all through the shower and be cautious as not to harm yourself with sea salt granules.

Experience A Relaxing Bath

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This is probably the easiest and most useful beauty remedy on the list. A bath with sea salt will cleanse you on many ranges as it absorbs toxins, dirt, and has a potential to deep-cleanse your skin pores. Sea salt is also rich with magnesium that enables reduce bloating, so that you also can use it for small baths to help with swollen feet. Fill your bathtub with hot water, add one 1/3 cup of sea salt, and soak up to 30 minutes. you could add some drops of your preferred essential oil for a greater relaxing effect.

Get a few beauty sleeps

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studies indicates that sea salt can significantly lessen pressure levels through raising your oxytocin levels. that is the hormone that fights off depression and makes you experience happy, calm, and relaxed. mix a quarter teaspoon of sea salt with hot water and drink before you go to sleep for comfortable uninterrupted sleep. this may automatically make your skin look great!

Use as an anti-dandruff treatment

Sea salt is superb at getting rid of dandruff flakes and cleaning your scalp. It additionally improves blood circulation and absorbs extra oil that promotes fungal growth. placed a few teaspoons of sea salt onto your scalp while parting your hair sometimes, then gently rub down your head with wet hands for about 15 minutes. Wash off, condition your hair, and experience the excellent results!

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