Achieve Work Life Balance In Five Practical Steps

Achieve work life balance: As humans, we constantly try to do more than time may allow, leaving us more stressed and we become victims of “time pressure”.

Due to a low number of jobs with good work life balance, full-time workers have often said that they find it hard trying to achieve work life balance to meet the demands of both their work and their home-life.

Even those who find some time to relax are not truly relaxed as they are constantly thinking about work.

Some causes of this pressure have been identified to include rising expenses, longer working hours and of course increased responsibilities at work and at home (especially for women).

To achieve work life balance and harmony once again in our daily activities, a balance has to be struck somewhere.

How to achieve work life balance is what we’d be reading in-depth in this work life balance articles, including work life balance tips but before we do that, do you know what work life balance really is?


achieve work life balance

Though there is no single work life balance definition, most psychologists agree that to achieve work life balance, the demands of an employee’s career should not overwhelm the individual’s ability to enjoy a satisfying personal life outside of the business or work environment.

In an attempt to give a proper definition of work life balance, some have said it’s a comfortable state of equilibrium achieved between an employee’s primary priorities of their employment position and their private lifestyle.

It is important to always try to achieve work life balance so that you do not get too bogged down. Humans are built to respond positively to balance in whatever we do and anything that disrupts that balance is just a recipe for failure.

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Some people have rightly asked, why can’t I achieve work life balance?


achieve work life balance

To achieve work life balance is the best option for a good mental and physical health but certain reasons have made this a very elusive concept for the modern human.

Even for those of us who work from home, the pressure isn’t less,  with work and personal schedules to meet because you have a community of fans who trust in you and you can’t afford to fail them. (I love you all 😉)

If you can relate to this problem above then I’m sure you’d agree with me that the four reasons for a disrupt people from the goal to achieve work life balance listed below are nothing but true.

Desire For Self-Fulfillment

A lot of people have an image of their potentials and who or what they should be in the society and this often drives them to go the “extreme” mile in achieving this, even if it makes them fail to achieve work life balance.

Insatiable Wants

With the constant bombardment of our senses with advertising, most people are left with insatiable wants and resort to compulsive buying. This leads to a higher cost of living, putting a stretch on income, which in turn forces the individual to work extra just to get more wants met. (…very vicious circle).

Desire To Secure The Homefront

Parents rightly want to always give their kids the things they never had while growing up. This in its own right isn’t bad but what’s the essence of providing for your kids the extra luxuries when you can’t give them the one thing that’s really important to them …your time?

Being A People-Pleaser

Being concerned about other people’s feelings and always being ready to jump in and help are the traits of a friend and partner. But when it comes to your work life balance, being a people pleaser can backfire, you can’t achieve work life balance like this.

So how can you achieve work life balance and maintain it?


achieve work life balance

Millions of people constantly want to balance the competing interests in their lives (you’re not alone on this one). If you are reading this right now I believe you so badly want to achieve work life balance though it may seem elusive.

Together let’s examine some practical tips to help you achieve your goal of balanced work life solutions.

Set Clear Goals And Values

It’s not just important to set goals and know your deepest values, it’s absolutely important to do so!

Setting clear and compelling goals form the foundations for every individual’s personal development success. And Values define what you’re all about. You definitely need to have both if you want to achieve work life balance.

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Too much workload is bad, but conversely, having too much rest and leisure can also increase time pressure.

Limit Exposure To Advertising

Advertising is mostly created to compel audiences into buying; therefore unlimited exposure to adverts can fuel extravagant desires, pushing a person to work longer hours just to indulge in binge buying and costly recreations.

But you can limit your exposure to them by always carefully considering what you need before buying. Never shop without a definite list and do not shop beyond your means.

Also, keep in mind the power of your friends and those you surround yourself with. If they constantly engage in binge buying and highly prioritize material things, it may be a wise choice to change your friends to more sensible people. (A very great tip to achieve work life balance).

Politely Decline Some Additional Responsibilities

If you are one to constantly say yes to your boss when asked to take on additional tasks then you may quickly find yourself on the brink of a burnout and unable to find time for your friends and recreation. (Not to mention the dread of not meeting the deadlines of said tasks. Bummer!)

We all agree that turning down an additional task requested by a co-worker or a boss can be uncomfortable and challenging. To prepare yourself, be armed with a firm understanding of your job responsibilities and requirements o you can diplomatically and professionally express yourself if you are unable to take on an assignment.

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Make Family/Personal Time A Priority

achieve work life balance

Be sure to plan special events and some vacation time with all family members, when possible, on a regular basis so everyone feels nurtured. This goes a long way in achieving family work balance.

Ask your children what spending quality time as a family means to them. You may be surprised by their answers. (My lil nephew likes tag racing on his electric bike with me while his older sister would trade anything for a good shooting arcade).

By doing this, you serve as a positive role model for healthy family relationships and you show your children your partnership is sacred. You also teach them how to better organize their time making sure every important aspect is captured.

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