The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping: With the Christmas holidays right around the corner I’m certain a lot of people have one question on their mind, what are the best deals for Christmas shopping 2017?

Or probably you are searching for cool Christmas shopping destinations? (make that two questions. Lol).

If you have these questions on your mind then look no further as together we will be looking at 10 of the best Christmas shopping websites where you can shop from if you live in USA, Canada or Australia for great  Christmas shopping gift ideas, perfect for your loved ones.

But before then, let’s looks at Xmas gifts online shopping trends for this year.



What is Christmas without the traditional colors of red, green and gold? [and of course, everywhere we go, Christmas Carols seem to fill the air], and other Christmas decoration items. These give us that sweet feeling that it’s Christmas again, a time to spread love and shop for Christmas gifts. But then, what are the shopping trends for this year? Let’s find out.

Christmas Shopping Starts Early

Most people this year started Xmas shopping as early as August according to Marketing Week . I won’t say I blame them, cos why wait till the last minute when you can start collecting those gift items very early.

So if you wanna be an early bird, why don’t you start your Christmas gift online shopping today, it’s still early. (Will you be kind enough to send some gifts my way? I love gadgets :D).

Shopping Happens At Home

As technology continues to advance and make people lazier, shoppers rather sit at home and order whatever they want, right from the comfort of their pajamas.

Christmas shopping in 2017 promises to be no different and online retail giants like Amazon are already recording huge sales of Christmas items. In the UK, online Christmas shopping sales have reached E2bn.

Online shopping is becoming very commonplace among buyers and one trick to having a wonderful online shopping experience is to use coupon codes (get some of the best codes) as this reduces cost as much as 70% in some cases.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Bounceback Tuesday

Black Friday, a term synonymous with holiday shopping is a trend that has come to be a big deal judging by the numbers it has pulled in over the years.

Have you seen those videos with oceans of people crowding into Walmart for Black Friday discount shopping? If you dread the mad rush just like I do then online outlet, have great details about Black Friday shopping deals. Make sure you check them out for deals that suit you.

Cyber Monday is usually the Monday after Black Friday, giving mop-up deals on items that weren’t sold out from the mad rush of Black Friday. Since its birth in 2005, Cyber Monday has continued to grow with retail giants such as Walmart, Kohl’s, Old Navy and Macy’s leading the pack of retailers in Cyber Monday deals.

Bounceback Tuesday is still a relatively new shopping term but one that is soon going to gain grounds owing to the fact that shoppers just can’t resist those mouthwatering discounts.


Ultimate guide to christmas shopping

The key to a fun and enjoyable Christmas is being organized and the key to being organized is to make lists of to-do things. Specifically, Christmas shopping lists.

With Christmas, you need to give presents to friends and family members, (lots of Christmas gift bags and Christmas cards to go round), or you might be having a family dinner or might have to go out and meet people or even attend parties.

Sounds like too much work right? Have no fear.

Below is a comprehensive Christmas shopping list to cover most of your shopping needs. You can also download and edit it so you cover every other thing.


christmas shopping

So, having talked about Christmas Shopping, trends and given you a stellar template to work with, now’s time to point you to the best Christmas shopping websites. Quite simple if you ask me!

But hey, are you tired of seeing the same gifts under the tree every year? Want to bring something a little more..(fill in the word here) to the party and you are looking for Christmas shopping gift ideas? Or maybe looking for Christmas gift ideas for wife or husband?

I’ve checked out some of the best platforms for unusual presents.

Ladies and gentlemen, in no particular order, here are the best Christmas shopping websites in 2017.

This pretty website kicks right off with plenty of items to choose from, be it gifts, Christmas decorations, Christmas kitchen and dining wares, even Christmas beddings. And hey, they have a mouthwatering 70% off on all products to celebrate their 18th anniversary. You don’t wanna miss this.

Guys get in here! This site reeks of manliness from the getgo, with items as small as shaving sticks right up to items as big as a half-tree house located on a 60 acre upstate New York plot. Awesome right? Yea I know.. A guys dream. Check it out cos you’d definitely find something for you (they also have corporate Christmas gifts.

Just as the name states, this online store is a nest of uniquely designed and crafted gift items. We all wanna feel like we are the only ones with a particular gift item, well, you have a higher chance of achieving that when you order a gift from this store.

We all have that one friend who goes traditional all the time and that makes finding the perfect gift for him/her a daunting task. If you have one who’d rather have paper Christmas cards to ecards then this site is just for you. Arguably, Pinkolive sells the best paper cards in the market today, with very beautiful and unique designs in all shapes and sizes.

Hello friends of the earth, you’d love this site. Viva Terra means is a Latin phrase which means “long live the earth” (or something like that). Anyways, this site is a one-stop-shop for everything eco-friendly. From home accents to apparel to other uncommon gifts items, you will not find something that’s harmful to the earth.

Not everyone is fascinated by material gifts, some just prefer to have an experience of a lifetime probably doing something they have dreamt of since they were kids. (skydiving is somewhere on my bucket list).

This is where Cloud9Living does an awesome job giving premium experiences to fun seekers. You can be a copilot on a fighter jet for a couple of hours, go race car driving (probably give Louis Hamilton a run for his money), have dinner on a cruise ship, or just do about anything, the list is endless and the choices are yours.

If you want some really cool Christmas designs on t-shirts then this is definitely the site to check. They have unique and insanely cool designs at very affordable prices. Did I say only Christmas designs? Hell, you can check them out for any type of design.

GiftTree is one of America’s best online stores with virtually every essential need of yours met. (I personally advise you try their Five Star Fruit Basket, you can thank me later). You can also get customized wine bottles, business gift sets, and general gift hampers.

The landing page on this site literally screams Christmas! They boast of an ability to customize 10,000 gifts to your taste and can deliver in maximum 3 days. Awesome right? I’m getting my niece a gift from here, she’ll love it!

Ladies this one’s for ya! Nasty Gal provides a wide selection of women’s apparel and accessories. If you think you’re “cool” enough, head here for products that are curated from up-and-coming designers to give customers a unique taste of modern and vintage looks. And to help inspire its customers, Nasty Gal also provides a number of lookbooks on its site.

So there, all the info you need to have a wonderful Christmas shopping experience. If you found this information useful, kindly click on the share buttons and share with friends.

You can also drop your comments in the comments box, we’d like to hear from you.


Cheers. 🍹🍷

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