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Easy Lifestyle Tricks: Some time ago, I was at a smoothies bar with some friends and we were just catching up on things and making random discussions.

And then we talked about how best to impact our society, how best to make things better and restore faith in humanity. We knew there were easy lifestyle tricks that could make things better for people.


easy lifestyle tricks

You see, things have been so eroded in the society that humanity no longer has dignity.

Everyone thinks of only himself and not how to reach out to the next person in need, even with something as simple easy lifestyle tricks.

But believe it or not, this world is a chain and we are all linked. If you make it a better place for the person next to you, that good deed finds a way of linking back to you.

We have the power to turn the vicious circle of this world into something of a merry-go-round for all of us.


easy lifestyle tricks

So, my friend who is a lawyer is setting up an NGO to protect and provide for orphaned kids, my friend who is a financial analyst and accountant is setting up a practice to provide free financial advice for retirees and benefactors.

What was I to do with my training and expertise in Journalism and mass communication? I set up to provide quality information on a wide category of topics so people can use this tricks to better their lives.

We believe we are doing something good for the world. The question is, what are you doing to make the world better?

The options are numerous, you could organize free football coaching for kids to keep their minds away from drugs, you could organize free coding classes for interested people, after all the world has gone “coded”, you could organize a “Food Drive” to help feed the hungry in your community, open your pantry, closets and drawers and donate those items you no longer need. The list is endless my friends, just think deep and find what you can do to better your immediate society.

If you have problems doing this alone, you can find others passionate about giving back. Organize a volunteer project in your neighbourhood.

When you connect with others in meaningful ways, you’ll cultivate community as you create the good! And trust me, that good will always find a way of coming back to you.

These are lifestyle tips worth sharing with friends. Be kind enough to share, and comment too.

Cheers. 🍸🍹

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