Home Office Design Ideas That Will Make You Quit Your Boring 9-5

Home Office Design: Your workspace or home office, to a large extent, determines your success in getting tasks accomplished on time. Even if it’s cluttered and looks like a war-zone, it’s your space and you should own it! This manual is also suitable for home office ideas for small spaces.

Your home office design layout should be to your taste cos that’s where your creative energies are at their highest.

Most times when my friends walk into my room and see my workspace, they are left in shock! Cos it looks like a place that has just been bombed by a hellfire missile. But for now, that’s how I like it. It’s not one of those modern home office ideas but it’s my space!

I know where every single piece of paper is, and if the power goes out, I can guarantee you that I will not accidentally break anything. I am that organized in my chaos. Annnnnnd mine is one of those home office ideas on a budget. wink

But hey, who doesn’t like an organized space, that’s neat looking with all those fancy flowerpots and exotic plants? You know, those great home office set up ideas?

I know I do, I especially one with a great view of the hills, a lake, a rose garden or overlooking the city from my mansion in the hills. 😉

I don’t have that kind of home office yet (and please don’t ask for a picture of my current office), but I’m seriously and tirelessly working towards achieving this dream (I want one overlooking the city from my dream home in the hills).

After much taunts from my friends, especially my beautiful girlfriend, (you know I love you sugar ❤️), I decided to check for pictures of home offices that I might wanna adopt when the time comes, and I saw some really astonishing work office ideas.

Some of these ideas are home office ideas for two. My girlfriend works from home too and if we eventually get married, we will adopt one of these ideas.

In my benevolent spirit of sharing information (you’re welcome), I decided to share some of these pictures with you my friends.

If you work from home like me, you might wanna adopt one or some of these ideas, or use them to improvise and make something unique that truly resonates who you are, cos the ultimate reason for having your own space is to have a place where your spirit feels comfortable and your energies are at their highest.

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Before we see these cool pictures, I’d like to teach you how to organize a home office so you don’t go making more mess than you already have, assuming your space is currently like mine.

Have no fear, these tips are awesome and I’m definitely implementing them when I’m ready. So if you are ready right now, let’s go!


I had initially thought of writing the steps out on how to organize a home office design but later thought a video will be better since you get to see motion pictures of actually organized home offices with a speaker walking you through the steps.

So here’s this simple YouTube video that best describes what a home office should mean to those who desire them and the proper ways to maximize your home office design.


Home office design

Home office design

Home office design

Home office design

Home office design

Home office design

Home office design

Home office design

These pictures are so inspiring and captivating that I don’t ever see myself working from a cramped up, inefficient cubicle.

Working from your own home space is the future of office work and perfecting the art of home office design is just what you need to increase efficiency and productivity.

Here’s an additional YouTube video of more home office design ideas. Enjoy.

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