House Designs That Are So Simple But Beautiful They Will Make Your Eyes Pop

House Designs: Ever visited a friends house or had a business meeting at a house that left you stunned at the sheer beauty, simplicity, and sophistication?

I have.  And I have always secretly wanted to have my house in the best shape and design always.  (Unfortunately, the “genius” in me thrives in “organized chaos” 😂).

But if you have that strong desire, (probably stronger than mine),  to make the interior of your house look like something from Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Then look no further my dear friend,  as together we will be seeing some of the best home designs that are just simply breathtaking.

First of all, take a good look at your space right now and answer this question, are you OK with the way it is right now? Or will you love to make a few changes that will drastically improve the aesthetics of your place but still cost you next to nothing? (Hhehehehe, I’m talking a few hundred or maybe thousand bucks). 😁

To be honest though, you may not have to break the bank or take a huge loan to do these.

Some of these designs are projects you can embark upon with your family members.  (It provides an opportunity to bond with them)  and you all can explore your creativity.

I’m not saying all of them are DIY projects, you’d definitely need experts to handle some aspects. But for those your gut tells you can take on, by all means, do so.

But always remember, if it’s a DIY project, safety first! Wear helmets and boots, and be very careful using power tools (those aren’t your average toys) and they’d drill holes in your flesh and bones much more easily as they would do wood.

If you can afford them, employ interior decorators to do these for you to perfection.  But the issue is they don’t come cheap. 😕

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here are photos of some of the most beautiful home designs on the internet today.

Feel free to implement them at your homes. 💪


House designs

This is a typical space for a single upwardly mobile person. With a small living area and a kitchenette, this urban upscale space is one of my most recommended house designs. Did I mention having sweet dreams every night in the loft above?

House designs

My mom would love her sitting room decorated like this! The sheer simplicity but sophistication of this living area makes it on the house designs to adopt.

House designs

This living area has a Victorian-era retro feel to it. But the touch of sophistication with flashes of modernity cannot be denied, making it another blessed of the chosen house designs

House designs

Ok here come class and opulence at its peak. It looks something like a hotel lobby but its actually the living area of a mansion somewhere. Talk about super duper house designs? Show me this picture.

House designs

I’m a stickler for simplicity, probably why this picture spoke to me among the pictures of house designs I got. If you are running on a budget but still want a neat and adorable place, adopt this.

House designs

How do I start describing this darling among the house designs we have here. Simple, spacious with enough room for comfort, sophisticated and modern. Id love to live here.

House designs

The murals on the wall of this living area were the first to catch my attention. They are so beautiful. Then the simplicity and sophistication is something to live for. I’d definitely recommend this if you ever asked my opinion for house designs.

House designs

This living area is gorgeous, end of story. You see the huge screen and out-of-this-world entertainment area in this prince among house designs? Imagine watching your favorite sport, movie or X-Box game here. Ok, I’m done dreaming.

House designs

Yaaaay! Lets lounge after a long day of typing blog posts. LOL. House designs without lounging areas like this should be considered a felony. Period.

House designs

Who wouldn’t want to sip coffee or tea with old friends while gossiping at a table like this? (especially the ladies). For some more serious business, you can blog from here if you are tired of the ambiance of your home office.

House designs

My girlfriend chose this picture. I guess it speaks to women more. But I love it too, its a great piece of house designs and I think ladies should adopt this if your space fits space fits.

I bet you enjoyed watching this pictures and you’ve already considered some for adoption. Kindly share this with friends so we can all have beautiful house designs.



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