Indoor Christmas Decorations You Must Try

Indoor Christmas decorations: Growing up was fun and one of the highlights was the Christmas holidays. We always spent it with my grandparents (God rest their souls) and there was always plenty to eat drink and do.

We were usually organized into “platoons” (grandad was a retired military officer) according to our age grade, and each platoon was given a specific task.

When I turned 13, my platoon was assigned the task of indoor Christmas decorations, but we went ahead and decorated the entire family estate to make it look “Christmasy”. 😁😍

Boy did we have the fun of our lives!

We went to town and bought enough lights to light up 10 city blocks, and any indoor Christmas decorations item that as much as had the traditional colors of red, green and gold was immediately thrown into the shopping cart.

After an exhaustive but absolutely fun day of shopping, my uncle Phil, (who was our platoon leader) drove us back to the estate and we were just too excited about starting the indoor Christmas decorations the next day.

Next morning, we woke up all armed and ready with our items and ornaments and set about the decoration. My grandad would often go round to inspect the job and to commend us and inspire us with sweets and jokes.

I haven’t been as happy as I was in those days. (Growing-up is a lot of stress 😪).

Let me give you a quick run-down of some of the items we bought. (I really can’t remember all of them again, sorry I’m getting old folks).


Uncle Phil was an interior decorator and an extra good one at that so it was just fit that the General (granddad) chose him as the decoration platoon leader.

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When we got to town, he split us into little squads with little lists of indoor Christmas decorations items to buy. This lists were  not exclusive though as we were allowed to buy other things we felt might add to the beauty and color of the decoration.

Here is compiled, as much as I can remember from from the lists he gave us.

  1.  Polyresin Santa 🎅 figurines
  2. Hanging resin foot dolls
  3. Tin wire angel ornaments
  4. Santa “welcome” wreaths and garlands
  5. Christmas tree ornaments ()
  6. Christmas balls of all sizes
  7. One large snowman
  8. Snowman ornaments ()
  9. Flowers with more shades of green and red
  10. Christmas stockings
  11. Shimmering gold stars
  12. And lots more (I really can’t remember everything)

We also bought granddad some personalized Christmas golf balls cos he was a huge golfer for recreation.

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I got inspired to write this post when I was flipping through Pinterest and stumbled upon some truly unique and captivating indoor Christmas decorations, I must say they reminded me of my growing up days.

Here are some of the pictures, hope you like them like I did, and hope they inspire some great indoor Christmas decorations. Have fun trying them out with your kids and grand kids.


Indoor Christmas decorations

Indoor Christmas decoration
Indoor Christmas decoration
Indoor Christmas decoration
Indoor Christmas decoration
Indoor Christmas decorations
Indoor Christmas decorations

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Cheers. 🍷🍹

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