6 Ways To Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts: Have you heard the adage, “Everyone is a critic?” It’s true. And, the biggest critic of all is staring right back at you through the mirror.  No one has to come down hard on you because you are already putting yourself in a vicious headlock as it is.

Keep reading to find out six ways that you can send that cynical noisemaker packing and say hi to positive thoughts.

They say that you can talk to yourself as long as you don’t answer back. If you don’t answer back, however, the potentially negative thoughts will continue unchallenged, thereby hindering the positive thoughts.

This is more detrimental than being thought of as crazy. We often follow the patterns created in our minds by our thoughts. Positive thoughts create positive actions and vise-versa.

Allowing negative self-talk to dominate your mind can lead to low self-esteem, bad habits, depression and other unhealthy results. So why not choose to have positive thoughts instead?

Thoughts are like habits, the more time we give them, the stronger they become. Have you given more time to negative thoughts and now think it impossible to have positive thoughts? Well here are some ways to get you out of the pit.


positive thoughts

Don’t let the pressure get to you.

Be proactive. Attack those thoughts as soon as they start to speak. Get creative. Most people find engaging in something creative to help them keep negative thoughts at bay.

Explore your creative side, whatever it is, and those positive thoughts will come flowing naturally. I used to be very cynical and depressed, but when I decided to explore blogging cos I had the gift of writing and communication, I found joy. And money too. Lol.

Box up your negativity

This can be literal or figurative. In the grand scheme of our life, each problem holds a small place overall.

Seeing it as small minimizes its power over you. Try this, create a small box or purchase one. Whenever you are plagued by a negative thought about yourself for the way you handled a problem or because you made a mistake, write it down on a piece of paper. Put it away in that small box. See your issue diminishing in size. Those thoughts do not define who you are.

Only you can define who you are.

Replace negativity with positive self-talk

When a negative thought is removed something needs to fill its place in your mind. Exchange a negative (“I am worthless because I am not married.”) for a positive thought (“I am a unique and worthwhile person that any man would be lucky to have for a wife.”).

If the negative thoughts can keep you down, then surely the positive thoughts can lift you up.

Talk to a trusted friend

Explain the situation that made you feel so bad. Allow your friend to console you, counsel you and challenge that negative thought pattern that is condemning you.

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Get realistic

Was the situation as bad as you imagined it was? Maybe you are embellishing the story because of the negatives swirling in your mind?

Take a realistic look at you and put things into perspective.

Accept your imperfections

Don’t “agree to disagree” with certain attributes but embrace them as old friends. Tyrion Lannister gave Jon Snow some strong advice in Game of Thrones when he told him to accept and wear his imperfections like an armor, cos then no one would be able to use it against him.

They are a part of you; the good, the bad, the ugly and the peculiar. Love who you are and then move on to making changes in your life.

Count your positives

It’s similar to counting your blessings. What is good about you? What have you done that is positive? Before you know it, you don’t feel bad anymore.

Don’t let that voice in your head overshadow your actual voice. Speak the truth, develop positive thoughts and change your circumstances.

positive thinking

Did you learn anything from these simple tips? Share them with your friends on social media let them also feel the power of positive thoughts.

Cheers. 🍹🍷

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