Romantic Cabin Getaways Are The Perfect Love Nest

Romantic Cabin Getaways: Sometimes you just wanna spend time alone with your loved one, away from distractions of the modern city and away from “intruding” friends and lousy neighbours.

Serenity and tranquillity are two words that are far from living in the big city.

From the honk of cars during rush hour to the blaring of sirens from law enforcement, to loud neighbours having sex. It can be so frustrating living in the big city.

So what do you do when you want the entire world to revolve around just the two of you? You can also read about romantic weekend getaways in the USA here.

You retire to a beautiful log house, the type I’m about to share with you below.

The peace and serenity are unmatched and trust me, its guaranteed to bring a certain spark, even to a dying relationship.

Tales have it that in Biertan, a village in Transylvania, if a couple indicated interest to divorce, they were locked in a log house for a month, with food and all provided for them.

If after the month they still wished to divorce, they were free to do so. But statistics show that majority of the couples came out having forgotten the meaning of divorce.😂



romantic cabin getaways

I can imagine a lot of babies made in the bedroom of this love nest. 😂

For my DIY friends, here’s a lil rundown on how to build your own log house. It can even be a project with tour spouse to increase bonding and teamwork.


Apparently, it takes a lot of sweat to build a log house and if you know you ain’t cut out for such, take my advice and abandon the project.

But if you are that handyman who can take on anything, below is a step-by-step guide to building your own log house.


  • Plot your land
  • Choose a Plan / Blueprint
  • Know what wood and type of logs you will use. Know that logs can shrink as they get dry so make sure you ask for professional advice.
  • Will you need help? Seek a professional team.
  • If you bought the cabin but do not like the interior, make changes.
  • Get Log Cabin Insurance
  • Know your budget. Log cabins can be costly to build so plan ahead before constructing.
  • Avoid building in winter to reduce log checking, cracking and splitting.
  • After building the cabin, wash the logs and let the house dry for a week.
  • Coat the cabin with a mixture of linseed oil & turpentine to the outside of the logs – repeat every 5 years.

Here’s a simple log house plan and design:

So, impress your lady and get to work. And I can assure you they’d be many memorable nights in this love nest.😉 Thank me later.

Cheers. 🍷🍹


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  1. Such gorgeous pictures! This reminds me of the many luxury log cabins near me in Pigeon Forge, TN and Boone, NC. I think it was near our 3rd anniversary (?) that my husband and I stayed in a B&B that was a log cabin. Wow! Was it so romantic. I’ll never forget the crackling warm fire, the beautiful surroundings, and the fantasy for just one night that I could pretend such luxury was all mine!

    Thanks for a wonderful trip down memory lane 🙂

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