Simple Sleep Solutions That Work Like Magic

Simple sleep solutions: Growing up is tough, and chances are even if you are Lion Heart growing up is still tough for you.

One of the biggest challenges we face as grownups is getting sleep, and not just sleep but enough sleep and quality sleep.

Depression, anxiety, sleep apnea, nursing a baby and a whole lot of other things are culprits when it comes to sleep deprivation in adults.

Daily habits have also been identified as causes of sleep deprivation. Lack of exercise, a disrupted circadian rhythm, poor diet, dehydration and drug use to mention but a few.

Being a one-time sufferer of sleep deprivation, I did a lil research on simple sleep solutions and also talked to some experts on insomnia cures.

Below is a summary of the simple sleep solutions they gave me and trust me these tips, simple as they are, are sure-fire ways to get your sleep back.

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Let Go And Sleep

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We collect hundreds (if not thousands) of thoughts during the course of a day: worries and successes, from the life-changing to the entirely insignificant.

Letting go of much of these thoughts  (especially the insignificant ones) is among the highly recommended simple sleep solutions out there. Just ask yourself if those things bothering you will matter in a years time. If your answer is no then you need to tune off and sleep.

Also, recording the challenges and highlights of your day in a journal is not only therapeutic but also one of the simple sleep solutions that helps to free up space for even bigger and better ideas tomorrow.

Unplug From The Grid

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We’re all guilty of sneakily checking our social media accounts and emails before bed — but trust us, it’s a terrible habit.

The artificial light emitted disrupts the chemicals in our brain that promotes sound sleep, so be strict with yourself and impose a ‘no screen time before bed’ rule as one of your simple sleep solutions— you’ll thank us when you’re realizing your goals, day after day.


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Mindful meditation is having its moment right now as one of the biggest simple sleep solutions out there, but if you’re not sure how to go about it, here is a super quick beginner’s introduction to get you started:

  • Take slow, deep breaths — in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Various thoughts will pop up to say hello — acknowledge them, then let them go.
  • Be aware of each part of your body in turn — from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, tensing and relaxing each one in turn until you feel completely at ease.

Do well to include this in your simple sleep solutions.

Lie In The Perfect Position

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If you are a side-sleeper, try to sleep on your left side, not your right — it will improve your digestion and blood flow.

Sleeping on your back may cause problems with snoring since gravity pulls your tongue to the back of your throat. It isn’t recommended for people who suffer from sleep apnea.

You can also use a sleep apnea wedge pillow for better results.


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An evening stroll is an absolutely perfect antidote to a mind that is still buzzing with the events of the day.

Unplug your headphones, keep no particular pace. Reflect on the simple but good things you encountered during the day, it might be the baby with the infectious smile as you waited in line for coffee or the parrot on your friends porch that startled you, just remember those things that made you smile during the day.

And enjoy taking in the sights and sounds as the gentle tread of your feet helps your brain transition from active to neutral, prepping you for a sound sleep.

Sound sleep is key to proper mental function and productivity.

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