The Road To Success; Curved But Beautiful

THE ROAD TO SUCCESS: May your road be rough. -Tai Solarin, January 1st, 1964

You probably have heard the saying “the road to success is not paved with gold”. Well, I’m here to tell you that nothing could be closer to the truth.

Every successful entrepreneur, scholar, politician and even criminals will tell you that they had to work extra hard to get to that point of success, though I personally feel no one gets there (since we all keep striving higher every day on the road to success).

If the road to success were to be smooth, where would be the joy and sweetness of victory in the end? Everyone who has been victorious after a long tussle with an issue knows that nothing compares to the taste of victory!!

When I was about to start blogging, I contacted a few web developers to help me design a professional site, since I wanted to make blogging a full-time career. Dear friends, the prices they gave me were out of this world, to say the least. I almost gave up. The road to success seemed bleak.

But I got home and in my shower, I thought to myself, “I can do this on my own!”

There’s no information one seeks that can’t be found on the internet, especially if one knows the right keywords to search for.

So, I braced myself up for the journey on the road to success, and for months I watched youtube videos and googled relevant information on web design, WordPress, SEO, Social Media And Content Marketing.

I basically taught myself everything. Thanks to gurus like Neil Patel and Harsh Agrawal at ShoutMeLoud, and my darling Melyssa Griffin, I learned a ton of new things from them, and I am proud to say I built this site myself, set up all the SEO metrics and today I’m getting a ton of visits.

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But above all these, I’m happy that my site is able to make peoples lives better on the road to success in thier own fields, through my articles.

The feeling of joy from the victory of these achievements cannot be measured.

Every day I walk with my head high cos I know I am adding value to society.

The good news is that you can do same too. Figure out that thing you can do to make the society better and be about doing it. Thats the road to success i can guarantee would yeild you good results.

Do it for the love and for the passion and before long, money will start chasing you. Take my word for it.

Here are a few tips to help you manouver the curves on the road to success.


Accept That Life Won’t Treat You Fairly

the road to success

Difficulties and unfairness is the key to success that forces you to grow in whatever venture you choose.

Life isn’t a bed of roses (Even roses have thorns).You can’t keep whining about how unfair life is. Nobody is living an easy and fair life, even those driving fast cars.

Actually living an easy life is not cool cos you’d never know that taste of victory after an initial defeat.

The difficulties you encounter in life are key success factors depending on how you decide to face them.

Learn How To Follow Horrible Bosses (Not the movie)

the road to success

If you are a fan of GOT, you’d surely remember when the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch told Jon Snow that if he wants to be a good leader someday, he must learn how to follow.

That is just the gospel when it comes to grasping the key to success.

You can never ignore your boss or override his commands, never!

Ever wondered how to deal with a tough boss? The trick is, do the work you are told to do NOW, and never intentionally expect accolades for a task you were assigned to do, no matter how well done.

For those who have bosses, you aren’t able to say “I will do it tomorrow”. There is no tomorrow cos he will fire you right away for disobedience and that gruesome word “insubordination”.


the road to success

Many people feel entitled in their lives because they believe they have talent so people should care about them and give them everything they ask for just because they are simply “awesome” or cos they get selected as Staff of The Month, every month.

Some believe that because got a degree they are entitled to living a flourishing life? Be ye not deceived, because you will be highly disappointed.

Newsflash! I am a college graduate but after roaming the streets for so long, I found my passion, worked my ass out with dedication, and now I’m living my dream life.

You have to wake up and understand that nobody owes you anything.

Become a go-getter and a dream catcher. Go after your goals instead of expecting others to care about you or what you want.


the road to success

Believe it or not, to succeed in your life you will make a lot of mistakes. You will fail again and again and again. You will feel like quitting a thousand times, due to your own failures.

But it doesn’t matter. What matters is taking accepting your failures and gaining whatever you can learn from each experience; use it to improve yourself so you won’t do the same mistake again.

My first venture in life was a barbing saloon, I was just 17 years then. It failed woefully and I was shattered. But I kept the flame of business burning in me and today I can say the mistakes of the past have left me stronger and wiser.

Every life experience is valuable even if you failed to reach your goal. That’s because it builds the foundation for your future success. It gives you the knowledge to prevent setbacks in the future. Without these failures, you will never be successful.

So stop being afraid that you will fail. Embrace your failures.


the road to success

Most people have a hard time celebrating their small wins. They usually think it feels silly to celebrate an effort that “doesn’t seem like an achievement”.

Why celebrate completing single dedicated workout session, or one hour of studying or, making a superb cup of coffee?
But the thing is, you mustn’t always celebrate only when you’ve made some huge achievement.

You should celebrate even something as small as successfully changing your habits.
You’re celebrating who you are becoming, despite all the difficulties, and you’re celebrating to reinforce the good behaviour and develop an addiction to progress.

The big, life-changing achievements will come as a result of you daily, tiny actions in the right direction you make every single day.

So, make sure to celebrate your small wins! Very important.
Conduct a weekly review to continually track your progress, and make sure you celebrate your progress, it could be by taking yourself out to some fancy restaurant, or getting that piece of jewellery you always wanted or anything at all that your heart always craved for, you’d be glad you did.

These would build the motivation necessary for success.

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Cheers.  🍹🍸

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  1. I have always believed the road to success is tough, i have made many mistakes but i learn from all of them.

    I have definitely learned how to cope with trying to succed in difficulty from this post.

    Keep such great posts coming.

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